Gorilla Zoe

"Outro (LeBron Flocka James)"

Oh, oh yeah, oh yeah, juke...
Oh oh-oh-oh, boy
Oh-oh, boy
No, I ain't gon' crossover, I'ma go straight down the hole
Yeah n*gga, I told y'all folks I could do it, n*gga
We won by one point, n*gga
Had to shoot the three at the end of the f*cking game, n*gga
LeBron Flocka James
Ain't sh*t changed, I'm still that same n*gga back in Riverdale, broke
Yeah, man
Y'all folks look at all this sh*t, man
I got YouTube TV, man
Waka Flocka Flame TV, n*gga
Starring me and, goddamn, my motherf*cking dog, n*gga
My partner, n*gga, Cordaryll, n*gga
We do this sh*t our own way, man
Shout out to David Blayne and Lex Luger and Tay
And my boy Southside on the Track
n*gga, we going donkey, n*gga
What it do, big Goop Troop?
What's up, Auntie?
"Aun-tee", "Aun-tay", what it do, dog?
These n*ggas bullsh*tting, man
We sacked up, racked up, got the stacks, n*gga
And I'm still chilling, rolling off party packs

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