Gorilla Zoe

"What It Is"

[Hook-Gorilla Zoe]
We took the 4's of the Chevy and we set it on those 6's
Lipstick on the rims, got the rims blowing kisses
They know what it is, ya'll know what it is
He know what it is, she know what it is
Twenty rubber bands you can get yourself a pigeon
Bring another band get yourself a pound of midget
They know what it is, y'all know what it is
He know what it is, she know what it is

[Verse 1: Gorilla Zoe]
Threw them 26 inch shocks on a 71 Chevelle
Like I'm riding carousel, shawty I can't parallel
They say shawty give a mill
Shawty I'mma give a mill
Quarter milli worth of jewelry
Like that boy can't even care
'Bout no money, 'bout no ho
'Bout no car, 'bout no clothes
Boy you better hold your nose
Cuz I'm sh*tting, hold your nose
Get a Louis bag for what?
b*tch I been had swag
I got 50 thou cash in a brown Kroger bag


[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
I'm flipping like we on a plane
It must be how we taking off
You feeling like a lame?
Well shawty with me, shawty take it off
Run up on me if you want
You won't have time to make a call
Give the burner to my dog
He catch a case I break him off
Putting mileage on my Pyrex
Yeah we call that baking off
Talking fast, counting cash
Take that pus*y hit them all
Never wear a rubber
Where I'm from we call that living fast
CEO of Maybach Music but I need no limit cash
Master P done with the kilo
Puerto Rico, sí gordito
Finest n*gga in the game
Can a playa shoot a free throw? (Swish)
I'm speaking the facts
It's Deeper Than Rap
Paid off the Maybach
And I did it three weeks in the trap


[Verse 3: Gorilla Zoe]
My chain is worth a mansion
And my wrist is worth a Lambo
But I'm living in a mansion
And I'm riding in a Lambo
Bunch of ganstas like Sopranos
Like keys, like pianos
And I'm looking for a b*tch
That wants to join me in a porno
Hello darling, how you doing?
That's your man? You need to lose him
He ain't doing what I'm doing
I go tall like Patrick Ewing
Urkel purple pants are cushioned
Straight from Oakland they just flew in
If I bust that package open
You would think I started booing


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