Plead The Fifth lyrics



Fact - the feds be making cases off of loose lipping
Not computer chipping agencies just catching people slipping
Game is to be sold not to be told this internet is pimping
You would think it was a given but these hackers tripping (tripping)
Youngins ima school ya all these things they say to fool ya
Theyre your friends theyre here to help ya here to melt ya alka seltzer
Once them agents get you talking promise charges that they dropping
If you promisе to co op them the attorneys start flip flopping -
Guarantee your placеment lock your ass up in the basement
Put your friends up in interrogation make em read your statement
Then they fabricate discrepancies embellish on your story
Now your boys are filling in the blanks accusing you of glory

(hey hey what do you say)
You dont say a thing plead the fifth all day
(who who what you gon do)
You will use that phone call to hit your crew
(hee hee what do you see)
If you dont see a warrant then get set free
(ho ho what do you know)
I dont know a thing officer let me go

Fact - if you dont give em anything to go on
And your crew dont say a word about the capers you been pulling
They can't prove that you were sitting in the chair when all that hacking happened
Claim entrapment claim a misconfigured server cabinet
Wireless stay open for the guests - and encryptions broken
All the people in my squad keep the faith like kenneth copeland
Vpn to bounce you when your client go announce you
Build them layers of abstraction when youre turning up the action
Proxies are like condoms use em once then switch up on em
If you keep position quantum they can't trace you to the bottom
Stack that tor and stack that telegram - ladders of alprazolam
Cool under that pressure when them agents come to get ya
Steady hand steady plan - keep the work off instagram
Keep a kill switch on your LAN in case you run into a jam
Rules are simple follow them retain a lawyer call on him
And silence still the golden rule b*tch - dont be foolish
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