"What A Day!"

[Intro: bbno$]
Uh, bbno$
On some bougie sh*t, you know

[Chorus: bbno$]
My b*tch be bougie (But she good)
My fit be soothing (Soothing)
Ten on my wrist, ooh, yuh
Ten on my neck, ooh yuh
I need it quick, I need it fast
Somethin' to last, talk about racks
Lift up my glass
Bb on that bougie sh*t, you ain't up in his class (No)
I stash it in a safe, yeah like what a day (What a day)
I f*cked the city up, yeah like what a day (Yeah, yeah)
I copped myself some babes, yeah like what a day (What a day)
I pour it in my cup, yeah like what a day (Skrr, skrr, skrr)

[Verse 1: bbno$]
Money, money, money, money, money
Bb got none
Shout to the tonne, diamond on my gun ooh yuh
Got a girl now, she tryna play some hot cross buns, yuh
C-c-course I'm bout my set (Set)
Course I popped no percocet, you sussy boy, I got a jet
She want me go pay for the bill, ayy
Who's that you're wearing it's real, ayy
Fantasise when get mil's, ayy
Humpty Dumpty fell down the hill
Really 'bout swill, think it's not drill
Two cups I fill, jug up the till
Now that I'm makin' these hits, yeah
I think I am king of the hill, whoa
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