Harlem Spartans

"Kennington bop part 3"

Look fill up the clip and bang (rude)
Splash splash ching ching Kenny bop and then bang (Harlem)
Can I do it in his face
I said wait on it there’s no rush
General gang
Harlem af gang we’re Taliban and attack

[verse 1: TG Millian]
General gang (general gang)
Can’t talk bout beef I’ve seen mans general dash (run run)
Rucksack on my back I ain’t going no scrubs
I’m tryna get man slapped (Get man slapped)
Harlem B, pardon boo
Gyal too cute, f*ck that 2
di*k out the b*tch then dash (get it gone)
Look fill up the clip then bang
Naghz mad, max splash, step round there and go ham (ching)
Mug dumb, you’re just a punk
Get your headback jugged for the gram
Man Kenny bop and then bang (bang)
Splash splash ching ching Kеnny bop and then bang

[Verse 2: Jojo]
Where thе beef fly they ain’t got time so on the pebs they bleach all day
On the train phone gang link gang next day man lurk on estates (lurk)
Might lurk for the sake
You don’t want to see max insane (no)
Sleep with the mash that’s bae
Get pillow talk like I’m Zayn (pillow talk like I’m Zayn)
HS get dropped Kenny bop
f*ck keep one eye closed like wap (Fetty)
Your bredrin dropped
Bet you don’t stop
p*ssed cos the gun’s reclocked (Come to the K get chased have a K hopped out on the mains)
Big blade on the mains
Violent way tryna do it in his face
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