Blanco (Harlem Spartans)

"No Denying (Remix) (Unreleased)"

[Chorus: J Hus]
There's no denying, the army is rising
Call me a Titan, thunder and lightning
The circle need tightening, the hustle, I dive in
Strugglin', strivin', my business, I'm mindin'
Don't tell me where your mind is, I already know, I'm a psychic
Any time it's a crisis, we're the strongest and the wisest
Free all my lifers, rise up your lighters
Before you fully rise up, we haffi remove the virus

[Verse 1: Blanco, J Hus]
All of my guys in jail, but bros took an L in charges
In the cell with a tizzy but (?)
Bro's got an expensive taste in waps, he ain't buying no fried calamari
Flashing a brand new Carti, ain't gonna shank for your team or army
Bro got a well known one like Shaquille, I pray that he gets his appeal
See this lifestyle, it's surreal, playing the beautiful game, Brazil
He's chopping it down to the size of his foot, I'm lacing it off in the field
AM in that leg (?), skin one no BBL
Selling my soul but the devil ain't interested
Beef I'll invest in
See the (?) the team mentioned (?) (Luke Cage?) a defender

Every day, different challenges, never had worthy challengers
Me and you are different calibres
Every day, wake up, manifest
Say you shot a man, but I'm not impressed
My new girl is on house arrest
Baby girl, I wish you all the best
I'm on the roadside, but I'm playing chess
n*ggas all the same, more or less
You know I hit man, you a hit and miss
Everyone I don't like, could write a list
But a fisherman needs a bigger fish
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