sh*t, one take

[Verse 1]
I sang your name
But I never told you
I never showed
So I'm to blame
We’re not the same
You were an ocean
And I was frozen
Beneath that lake
Your lips were pursing
I'm always cursing
Full of shame
Another drink
My words are broken
My eyes are swollen
Endless pain

[Instrumental Break]

[Verse 2]
You killed for fame
I killed my hurting
White pills and bourbon
Asleep for days
What a waste
I couldn't show up
Couldn’t focus
Constant haze
A constant hate
Black hole heartbeat
My lungs are empty
My mind's a maze
Awake for days
The sun's still golden
Windowsill lonesome
I'll fall to fate

[Instrumental Outro and Sample]

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