Il Maestro


[Verse 1]
I came alive but I’m new to pain
I keep on having troubles with the way you lie
I know my track and now I’m on my lane
All the sh*t I get just doesn’t feel the same
And I’m sorry if I busy, I’m always busy
But it feels like I’m imprisoned staying on the side
b*tches give me blood like an alkaline
Yeah, they see me mad and try to analyze
Chasin' money got me dizzy, I’m feeling tizzy
My value up a quarter milly, like a f*ckin Millie
I’m f*ckin up all of my city and I change again
I’m always cold I gotta do the dash

When I put up with the band push it to the edge
I’ve been f*ckin up my life I’m gonna make it bad
And I feel so tired to give it back
Makin' up my mind to see again
Will I ever see the light in the pouring rain
Making money spend it all just to numb the pain
I would bring down to Tokyo
Neverless you let me go

[Verse 2]
Feelin way to high on my laptop
I just pop a few Xans and a last shot
And I see you come my way
In the night you call my name
I’ve been stayin up all night where you at tho?
Is it vision am I ready for the end?
And I see you come my way

In the night you call my name
I’ll be there in a sec, is it fair to forgive?
I’m passin over the line, I give a f*ck how you feel
I swear to god that tonight, you’ll see the scars in my will
I was the love of your life, you treat this like it’s a deal
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