"Brad Pitt Freestyle"

I was going through a phase, I dyed my hair blonde like I'm Brad Pitt
I know this is a white tee, but I bought it at Saks Fifth (Bought it at Saks Fifth)
I know you don't like me, but I don't care, I didn't ask you (Care, I didn't ask you)
I'm tryna go to the league, you gotta give me the draft pick
She don't want H&M (She don't want H&M)
I got a lil' spoiled lil' brat, she only like Gucci now (Gucci now)
The day that I die, you gotta make sure I'm Louis-ed down (Gotta make sure I'm Louis-ed down)
They realized I was fly, they tryna put my flyness in movies now (Flyness in movies now)
JR bandana on his head, n*gga, Johnny Depp
These are new hella hella 808's, n*ggas going deaf
Lightskin baby, she don't know how to act right, so I left
She keep on posting pictures with her new n*gga, I'm not impressed
Mhm, mhm, you're not impressive
I had to call God (Hey, God), you see all the blessings (Brr-brr)
I was in the league before I turned 14, Freddy Adu
I had to ah-hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm, n*gga, hachoo
Dawg, it was no one else to call, I had to call Jesus (Brr)
I told these dudes how I ball, they didn't believe it (Didn't believe it)
I got this white girl, we look like Kellly and Regis (Like Kelly and Regis)
If you not my n*gga, trust me, I'm not doing a feature (Doing no features)

She's fine too, but I want you
She's fine too, but I want

Damn, I can't save her, dawg
Neon lights like a lightsaber, dawg, damn
We got noisy neighbors, dawg
Big watch, n*ggas think I'm Flava, dawg (n*ggas think I'm Flava, dawg)

She's fine too, but I want

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