The Happy Fits

"Paste Studio Live 01/09/2018: Session Intro (Transcript)"

Host: What's going on, everybody? Welcome back to the Paste Studio here in Midtown, Manhattan, New York City. We are here with some very special guests today. These are The Happy Fits. What’s going on, guys?

Calvin Langman: (Yo.)

Luke Davis: Thank you for having us.

Host: Yeah, man, thanks for coming all the way from Jersey. I know it's a tough slog.

Langman: Yeah, yeah.

Host: Yeah, yeah, well you know—

Davis: It's not so bad. We’re used to it now—come to New York a lot.

Host: Really?

Langman: (Yeah.)

Host: Yeah, it's a tough commute, you know? Pathriders, maybe?

Langman: Oh, we have a personal friend called Mr. P. Drives us in, 'cause he works in the city.

Host: Oh wow, that's rare to find here, man.

These guys put out an EP in 2016 called Awfully Apeelin', and I know they're working on some new music too—we're gonna hear a little bit of both. So let's start it off with a song; tell me a little bit about this first one.

Langman: This song’s called "Dirty Imbecile" and it’s about how people can feel really insecure about themselves sometimes, but also feel really hateful to themselves too at the same time.

Davis: It's a really positive song. [Pause] Ready?

Langman & Ross Monteith: Yeah! (Alright, let’s do it.)

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