The Happy Fits

"Paste Studio Live 12/17/2018: Session Intro (Transcript)"

Host: —rybody, welcome to Paste Studios. We are live now with The Happy Fits. Guys, great to see you again. Thanks for coming back.

Calvin Langman: Thanks for having us again.

Host: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Of course. So the album's out right now—it's called Concentrate, and you guys are gonna do three off of Concentrate, right? And then we are— Did we land on a fourth? Are we doing four or are we gonna do three off Concentrate?

Langman: We'll do three off of Concentrate and one off our original EP, Awfully Apeelin'.

Host: Outstanding. Yeah, cool. I'm a fan of your band—I like you guys a lot—so four is much better than three. Four is like thirty-three percent better than three, so glad that's happening. And can you tell us a little bit about what you're doing first?

Langman: Yeah, this song's called "So Alright, Cool, Whatever".

Luke Davis: That sounded like a little less than a bit, but yeah.

Langman: It's just a dumb love song.

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