Gabbie Hanna


i tried to take a nap today. everything was great.
it was dark, but no so dark that my body thought it was bedtime.
it was warm, but not so warm that i had to poke my feet out.
it was so unbelievably comfortable, i could lie there forever.
but then, i remembered the alarm clock that i set.
i knew i could only rest for thirty minutes,
and in about twenty-four, that repulsive honking would start.
napping is the best. waking up from a nap is the worst.
i became fixated on the idea of this cozy dreamland coming to an end.
instead of feeling the cloud-like pillow under my head,
i felt the dread of the alarm inside my mind.
instead of enjoying the blanket nestled over my body,
i suffered the expectation of imminent screeching looming over my thoughts.
i spent so much time anticipating having to waste up that inever fell asleep.

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