Gabbie Hanna

"We’ve Got Scurvy"

1, 2, 3, 4

Verse 1:
Our gums are black, our teeth are falling out
We’ve got spots on our backs, so give it up and shout

Verse 2:
We’ve got scurvy, we need some Vitamin C
We‘ve got scurvy, we need a lemon tree
We‘ve got scurvy, just chillin on the sea

Let’s get this scurvy started
A pirate and worthy, ‘til he’s got some scurvy
Since you’ve got your scurvy on
You are nervy when you sing that song

Scurvy, (Scurvy!)
We’ve got scurvy (Scurvy!)
We’ve got scurvy (Scurvy!)
We’ve got scurvy (Scurvy)
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