The Supremes

"I Don’t Want to Lose You"

I don't wanna lose you
Please, don't let me lose you
You mean so much to me

Who do you think you are
And who do you gonna be?
You're the only one that really knows
Maybe you'll be surprised
After your search is through
When you'll find you've just been chasing you

Believe me, I understand (I understand)
The visions of your mind (visions of your mind)
But I'm so afraid (yeah)
That the man you'll find (yeah)
May not need a girl like me

I don't wanna lose you
I love you as you are
I don't wanna lose you
I couldn't love you more
Tell me love will remain
Though we may change

I really think that you have a little faith in me
You're the only one I'll ever need
If you really understand
How much you mean to me
All your doubts would fade and disappear
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