Pastor Troy

"di*k Suckin’ Hoes"

Gangsta Boo talks

(Gangsta Boo)
What'd up n*gga how you doing
Can you hit me on that late nite tip
Can we hook up somethin' for yo' tongue to touch my pus*y lips
(Eat it)
Why not eat it can you feel me bursting full of joy
Can you feel me c*mmin' like I'm runnin' for the mayor boy
You be poppin' game let me bang that pus*y mane
You can get the keys to the Range
Boo it ain't no thang
(Yeah)What I'm sayin',naw I'm playin',be for real dude
I ain't trippin' off ya f*ckin' car I'm a baller too
(Hit me)If you wanna hook up like we some major playas
Call me and I'll see you later
Ah there goes my f*ckin' pager
n*gga what's the dilly
Do you want me to step up to you
I be trippin' how it is so easy to persuade you
Game you need plenty of look as if you were a scrub
I be wantin' thuggy,thug love
You be none above
Cowards that devours now you know you need to get rid of that
Comin' over Gangsta Boo house
Bet you'll eat my cat

DJ Paul
di*k suckin' hoe,nut suckin' hoes
Hoes,hoes they ain't nuthin' but hoes
Gangsta Boo
pus*y eatin' n*ggas,broke ass n*ggas
n*ggas,n*ggas ain't nuthin' but n*ggas

(Juicy J)
Hangin' on the corner wit' my n*gga P
Just across the street
Walkin' up a freak
I heard her name Gretchen
Her pus*y tight and gripping
Straight from the hood so we call her chicken
Lookin' like her mother,smellin' like her granny
Switchin' wit' a skirt
Never wearin' panties
Said she want a friend to screw her at summer inn
Hydro weed and a case of henn
Take her to a room,next thing ya know
A n*gga hit the do' like he on that blow
I was havin' fun tryin' to get her tongue
Then he pulled a gun so I had to run
Call up on the boys smokin' on the pound
Rolled through his hood left him in the ground
Make another stop house of the sl*t
Walked in the crib beat the b*tch up


(Gangsta Boo)
Chillin' in Miami
Where da b*tch at
I'm layin' back
Restin' up to party a club where da stars at
You got that,don't act like you don't when you hit this
You know that,you licked on my pus*y you trick b*tch
So left b*tch,you dig this my pimp sh*t is too thick
For me to be f*ck with so f*ck all that gossip
And watch this not topless but Boo b*tch so sexy
God bless me,undress thee and open express thee
Lips of the pus*y that got you n*ggas beggin'
(I)I don't give a f*ck about you guys(guys)
Like an evil spy(spy)
(Why)Why should it matter
(If)If we out together night
When you wanna eat some pus*y
Are you gonna call me or not(call me or not)
I do not love'em though(though)
Ya'll know how the story goes(goes)
You why the f*ck I put you lames(lames)
I be a better hoe (hoe)
Hoeing for my b*tches that be representin'
I got ya back(I got ya back)
Cause I be representin'
Real sh*t bring the chorus back


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