Ocean Beats

"Love Wounds"

[Verse 1]
Stuck up in the friend zone
I had to work my way out
You was just the pretty girl I knew who had the smart mouth
And if I recall correctly, you the one said it first
How you gone tell me that you love me then kick me to the curb
Everything was going bad and then from bad it went worse
And I can’t say I want you back because my heart it still hurt
I can’t lie I’m in my bag, I done came up from the dirt
You was supposed to be here with me but you left, that’s what hurts
Oh Yea

[Verse 2]
So why you go leaving me
(Yea, yea)
When you the one that I need
(Yea, yea)
It’s supposed to be you and me
Cut me deep so now I bleed
And you won’t get no love from me no more
No love and I mean that indeed
(Yea, yea)
And I don’t hate you but I hope that you can see
(Yea, yea)
When I show love that’s what I mean
I can’t fake it, girl not me
How we even get this deep in love
Girl how we even get this deep
You cut me see
Out these wounds, girl I bleed
(Yea I bleed)
So you won’t get no love from me
(No, no)
No you won’t get no love from me
No I’m not Joe, but I don’t wanna be a playa no more
Took off my jersey I retired from the game like the goat
All I know is I’m hardbody and Yunno I can’t fold
SGS I’m going stupid only lifestyle I know

Oh yea
Yea, yea, yea, yea
Ain’t no more love
It don’t live here
And my heart, you did not spare
Love Wounds, I just can’t heal

[Verse 3]
(Uh, aye)
I’m thinking ‘bout ya
Baby girl what it do
What you been through
Word on the street is that you fresh out of school
Ouu girl that’s cool
Ain’t tryna get with you, just seeing what it do
Girl what it do with ya
Yea I’m just tryna play it cool with ya
On this track I let you know what’s the real baby
Love Wounds, I’m just hoping they heal maybe
Don’t get confused I just speak it how I feel lady
And I can’t love you like I want to for real

[Verse 4]
I Tried to shower you with love
But I guess that wasn’t alright
And I don’t want another girl to come and mess up my life
When I’m alone and I’m at home I get to praying at night
Drop to my knees and beg him please
Lord can you bring me a wife
And it don’t have to be right now
But when your timing is right
Someone to hug, Someone to trust
Someone who love Jesus Christ
Can she reciprocate my love
That’d be a wonderful sight, I give my all when I’m in love
That’s how I’ve been all my life
No lie
No lie
No lie
No lie, uh no lie, no tears left to cry

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