Ocean Beats

"The Same"

The Same

It’s real
What it like

You gotta see it’s always the same
No matter you’re driving a bike, in an ongoing lane
Put down your life in danger
Just to get somewhere
Be inside the square
Get that gun to a hair
Like a trigger finger
c*ck away the fear
Like we’re gonna be raised by the same guy
Looking for some fame
Run the country to blame
Forget the colored folk and drop down the name
Bring richer to light
f*ck the Black, Indians, anything not White
You forget about the races and what it’s like
My Nig...

Man, you can’t say that
You’re white
You can’t get that up
You can’t even get the fact that you’re light
I know what I am
I’m not gonna be like “I’m Logic Man”
I’m not bi-racial man
I’m not black in the slightest ways man
I can see the people struggling day to day
My friends coming to work, struggling to pay
Living life on the edge
c*ck to the day
Neighbourhoods are abandoned to the grave
Forget the ocean view
But lights are to rave

f*ck the chorus
We’re trying to move it back
Just because I’m white, doesn’t mean a politician can rap
Doesn’t mean he can stand for others, oppression
But he still gets voted for
White impression
Bring back the Mexicans to the wall
Scream, “Kick them out”
The country will fall
They came here for a better life
Get the kids an education
Simpler fight
You can move it forward, white
Not saying you agree with me
But, you hate, lie, and beat on me
It’s not my fault I wanna be real, you see
f*ck the real beef

Stay tuned into the news
Hear the federal movement by Trump, and it’s a new
Kick out all the Jews
Lock up the Asians
North Korea is due
CNN bringing it up, but nobodys watching the news
Even babies too, forget the vaccines, bring back the flu
No more abortions, FOR RAPE VICTIMS TOO
These rules made up by White dudes
That never seen the world, outside their rooms
f*ck the rules
This countries a lie
No freedom in sight
Law biting citizens even better inside
f*ck this life

Chorus -

The Same Fight
The Same Game
The Same Outcome
The Same Blame
The Same Fight
The Same Game
The Same Outcome
The Same Blame

Move it back

The Same Fight
The Same Game
The Same Outcome
The Same Blame
The Same Fight
The Same Game
The Same Outcome
The Same Blame

We’re changing the life
Getting back into the swing
I can feel my life changing with me
You understand things that I say
Let it stick with you
Reverb it to me
That what they tell me to say
No record label to control what I made
I want people to sign away their rights
To anything that I make
The club single made it to 100
First on the billboard
That’s where I want to be
Growing up, making music, you flaunt it, see
I’m making money, wanna be losing
But I’m actually losing it
Read in-between the lines
Don’t listen to the beats
Self assumption that you’re something
Let it be
For the people that listen
Let this be
Stuck to your life
For the end of time
You’re gonna be in the game of life
Not control how you write your time
Don’t let the college f*ck up your life
Or the money drag you down at night
Try to sleep knowing your life

Pick a subject and stick with it right?
Until you say you can’t
Oppression this time
They say we’re all the same
Just know, we aren’t all the same
Raised in a different life
But you can make it out
You just need to try

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