Ocean Beats

"Morning Pages"


Living freeform
I finally wanna know
Loving needing more

I need it easy
Jusso I can see the dawn
I’m Feenin for
A love devoted if I notice
Don’t be holding on maybes when im right there

I need a minute on my own babe
I See these girls and they want more yuhhh
They wanna take my soul be holders

High bridge blends into

Trying on a daily
I Bin Trying 4 you lately
Been trying 4u lately
Ive been Trying 4u baby

Is it me that I love
You from above
Feel that above
Yh yuhhh yh yh

Me that I love
You from above
Pass then we f*ck
Yh yh yh yh yh

I just need balance babe
I just needed balance babe

I cut my left wrist
When you opened
So I can notice
That your my potion
I need it in my
Throat its
Its my coping
Am I coping
If its all I need to balance me at sea

Guess I found me someone
Guess im free
From the gun
Hard to breath
Whe you go
Your all I need

Share wimme gimme a reason to love
Is this enough for me to break down and fight
Please don’t leave me
I can see its just right
I feel your pain and I see hurt in your eyes

Thats marszo right there
Soul step in the night gear
Haven't seen the light yet
Pain I always feel that
Loving is it real I
Dont know it feels real bad
When that 40 go back
I loose it in my pathway
We’re just passin baby
In my pathway
Were just passengers baby

Try to stay the same
But now I gotta get it now
Tried to chase the game
I tried to change
I tried to stay the same but I cannot relate

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