Ocean Beats

"Cali Girls"

[Verse 1 : AMillz]
Cali girls love it, these Cali girls want it
Cali girls in my phone they always tryna rub it
Cali girls love it, these Cali girls want it
Cali girls in my phone they always tryna rub it
Cali girls they always loving on the guy
Cali girls love it when you rubbin on they thigh
Cali girls in public always being kinda shy
Cali girls sweet or savage its how you cut the pie

These girls got my feelings outta whack they so beautiful
You and me Destiny cuz you a thorn in my crucible
Ha, you got me jumping like its a Bungie
These lines got a stop rap shouldn't be funny
For real how bout we kick it like its FIFA
On some world cup vibes i'm global nice to meet ya
Its AMillz but you can call me a milli for short
Just bought the new new withdrew a milly if we short

Metal detecting on the beach i'm your find
Call me buried treasure but you the real dime
Throw me another glance i might make you mine
Bring a little drink if you want a good time

Cali girls wondering if i got any friends
Nah baby its just me but I do got a Benz
Phone always on but i'm leavin you on read
New new at the crib yeah she don't want this to end
Cali girls crazy but they do it for the gram
She want a bag to go cuz she tryna steal my grams
Ain't you high enough bein that i'm your mans
Nah bro gimme more whoa b*tch goddamn!
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