Ocean Beats

"In the Dark (Freestyle)"

I been out here tryna chase a mil
Doin' it for fun and right now that’s the way I feel
There's been too much goin' on to just sit back relax and chill
It’s the Kardashians, just try to keep up while I keep it real
Yes, I'm back again
2.9, but I'm here spittin' facts again
Please give me some space, I'm like the Falcon' cause I'm blastin' in
I’m incredible, I’m dashin' in, I’m feeling fast again
The teachers try to talk to me, but all I do is laugh at them
Ah ha ha
I been the dark, that's the only way that I'ma ever get my start
With all this heat I'm spittin’, one day, I'ma be a star
When I write a verse, I try to paint it like it's art
Like it's magic, flow goin' Aladdin
With a single verse, I turn a rapper to a has-been
Crowd's all gaspin' , I been takin' action
Samuel L. Jackson
Comin' with the punchlines, Unforgivable Blackness
Like I'm Johnson, Jack
Runnin' towards the opposition, it's a bomb attack
Like a volcano, I'm puttin' myself on the map
It's all me, I'm like an island, I am not attached
Drew D

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