Ocean Beats

"Thoughts of a broken mind"

(Intro: Shiloh Dynasty & Enjoyhell)
You are a stranger
She wonders why?
I don't trust nobody (I don't trust nobody)
Not even her
You are a stranger
She wonders why?
I don't trust nobody (Yuh)
Not even her
Not even- (Okay)

Curses, curses
I feel like I’m worthless
Slowly escalating to the top but I’m still hurting
Burdened, burdened
Locked up in my cell of a room I swear I’m feeling so damn f*cking deserted
Is it worth it?
Missed your FaceTime I’m imperfect
Always tryna fix everyone else like I’m the surgeon
I’m always f*cking there when nobody be there for me
Like it’s just written in my DNA got love inside my genes
I swear to god they all telling me they love me
Back then they used to f*cking tell me I was nothing
Funny how they switch up once I get the f*cking bucks in
Fake ass people reasons why I just can’t trust sh*t
Can I trust my friends?
Am I alone until the end?
Will I ever f*cking make it out this hell that I live in?
I wake up in the morning just to puke at six A.M
Anxiety got me wishing that I was just f*cking dead
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