Boulevard Depo


[Intro: Famous Addonis & Boulevard Depo]
Click-click, fa
?, своих битов

I think you got some issues cause you don't appreciate me
I treat you like baby you left me that's really crazy
On my hands and knees hoping praying that you'd save me
But no you won't save me i won't let nobody play me
Everything just changed my whole life I feel deranged
I just hit her chest from the back you know my pain
Hit her with the cross good now im Randy Moss
Sick my dogs sick my dogs your life not on pause

Tryna be with me
I'm not surprised I am og
I can not know, but
I know that you all know me
Maybe if you see
Coming to terms with loose leaf
I turn the page, I turn the wave
You can now use me
Wait a second
I don't think that you know what you wreckin
I'm on the internet super teching
You on the internet super stressing
I eat it all im super stretching
I put it down for super structure
I wear the crown of super man
You hating on me you stupid man
Appreciate it
I got disciples to mediate it
I got the rifles and now im livin'
You on a prayer i never givin'
She living life like robin givens
It never mattered i never listened
You think you badder then come and get it
Im on the avenue never hidden
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