"Life Outside"

There's a world that should be real somewhere
There's a lack of tension and love to spare
I would tell you that I've been before
It was just behind The Dreamer's Door
Just behind The Dreamer's Door

[Verse 1]
Painted hills and colored skies
A wondrous view that simply strikes the heart
There's one who holds the stars in place
Another who keeps it all from falling apart
The same routine runs everyday
But that's just who they are

Life Outside of the wall
I could say I'd dreamed it
Real one time, if at all
I could hardly tell you
Who's to know, what you'll find
But it's there, I'm sure
What you're looking for is just behind The Dreamer's Door

[Verse 2]
There's one who works until sundown
Another who sees the beauty in everyone
This one takes the sky to heart
The other one knows the best ways to have fun
The quiet one's still searching
But she knows who she'll become
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