Joe Iconis

"Rock ’N Roll Band"

Sit all day in a class room
Staring at the clock on the wall
And I’m waitin’, and I’m waitin’, and I’m waitin’
For the bell to ring

Then I run on home
And grab my Les Paul
And head to the garage
Where nothin matters at all

Except the things that I play
And the words that I say
And the song that I sing

Oh, I'm gonna scream and shout
Knock you out
I'm gonna conquer the world
Get the girl, I'm gonna finally connect
Get some respect when I take a stand

With my rock 'n' roll band, yeah

[CHRIS, spoken]
On bass, we got the man. The man — the dude who's packing the smallest amount of musical knowledge, but the biggest di*k in the whole band, Nate "Nato" Obenkrieger!
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