Joe Iconis

"Black Suit On"

Button my shirt
Buckle my belt
Haven’t looked like this since confirmation
If I think about the show

I know my nerves’ll make me
Twitch and melt
And make my throat all
Dry with hyperventilation

But oh everything’ll be fine
Oh, all my problems gone
Oh, when I put my
Put my black suit on

There’s something wrong
Dude, this crap is blue
I look like Barry freaking Manilow

My pants don’t fit
I’m not wearing them
They’re tight as sh*t
I put a tear in them

They gave me a testicle camel toe

Oh, everything’ll be fine
Oh, all my problems, gone
Oh, when I put my, put my black suit on

When I put my black suit on

Chris it’s me
Dude, I'm trying
But you haven’t called me back in days

I think we need to have a big talk
Or a [?] or a cheesy walk
Call me whatever, okay fine whatever, bye

Oh, damn I looking so sexy
Oh, brothers give me a hand

Oh, yeah we’re almost looking like a band

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