Joe Iconis

"McFly Is Looking For A Drummer"

I’m like hello hello
They’re like go away

Drop every music reference I know
But they don’t care
Cuz they don’t listen
To the things that I say

No they never, ever listen
To a thing that I say
But ooh, if they only knew

That last night at Empire Records
I saw a sign that said

McFly is looking for a drummer
For the remainder of the summer
And I am more than qualified
And maybe I’d be better off

I’ll write a song
And they just ignore
I’ll start a singalong

Which is followed by some silence
For a minute or more
Which is followed by a snicker
And a slam of the door

And McFly

And McFly is looking for a drummer
I would be the coolest one

They would value me
And I’d have fun
Being all important
Rock star guy

And I am just assuming
That McFly would want me
Which they probably won’t
And anyway
I don’t wanna lose my friends

I mean, I wouldn’t know how
So, I guess I’ll maybe
Guess I’ll maybe, stay where I am

Yeah, I bet I’ll probably
Bet I’ll probably, stay where I am

Yes, I think I’m gonna
Think I’m gonna, stay where I am

For now

For now, yeah

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