Joe Iconis


I'm hanging around and dreaming of chicks
And my area code is 5-1-6
And I would thrive in the Caribbean
But I’m a long island amphibian

Stuck in a cage until ya need me
Sometimes my mom forgets to feed me
I'm trapped here until oblivion
I'm a L.I. Amphibian

Ribbit ribbit, ah-ribbit ribbit, ah-ribbit
Brip brip, ah-brip brip, brip
Oh Mr. Pee Pee, sing it with me

[BRANDON, spoken]
Well what do we have here?

[NATO, spoken]
I’m singing my song. My frog song!

[BRANDON, spoken]
I hate that song

[NATO, spoken]
Well, just because you took music theory classes at C.W. Post
Doesn't make you the authority on good songs
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