Joe Iconis

"Social Worker"

It was early in the fall
And for no reason at all
I went to see the social worker

No big thing I swear
I was bored and she was there
I thought I don’t care
I’ll see the social worker

And she was all like why you here
And I was all I don’t know
She said you wanna talk a while?
And I said I guess so

I usually don’t remember
But the 18th of September
Was the first time
With the social worker

I went ‘cuz I was feeling-
Well, no, feeling’s
Not the right word

No, I went ‘cuz I was crying-
Well, not crying
More like choking

More like shaking, trapped, exploding
And not knowing what was going on
So I went to see the social worker

It was the first time it happened at school
It happened during career development class
I raised my hand and asked for a hall pass
And I was kind of embarrassed about it

I didn’t want anybody to see
What was happening to me
What was happening to me
What’s happening to me?
Don’t know, so I go to
See the social worker

And she asks me has this ever happened before?
And I say maybe

It’s just that
Sometimes I think about something
That I can’t stop thinking about

And it starts to make me, well, not make me
Starts to pull me, sorta take me
I start to care too much I think, it’s like

I care so much it’s scares me, frightens me
My head starts hurting, my chest it tightens
I try to stop thinking about it, thinking about
I can’t stop thinking about it, thinking about

And I feel scared and I feel small
And way too big, no air at all
And reaching out, locked up, inside
And looking for a place to hide

And pressure point and scream and hush
And tense and chill and buzz and rush
And bad and help and I can’t see
And maybe you could help me?

Maybe you could help me?

And then she’s all
And I’m better

For a while

I mean, it’s just like, whatever
It was a one shot deal I never
Really go to the social worker

Like, maybe if I see her I’ll say hey
And she’ll be all have a good day
And if the morning’s moving slow

Just to say hi I might go
And maybe talk for a bit
But that’s it

I mean I don’t really go to the social worker
I don’t really know the social worker
Yeah, I don’t know the social worker

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