Joe Iconis


When people used to ask me who I was
I used to say "I'm just an actress"
'Cause that was what I did
So that's who I thought I really was

Just a kitten in a cage
Puppet on a stage
Gettin' my strings pulled from above
They held me up and I confused that for love

But now my eyes are wide
I can hear a sound
It's my heart restarting
I feel the pound

Oh, whoa
I feel it pulse in my veins

You cut me down and you broke my back
You spilled my blood, now I want it back
Oh, whoa
I want it back in my veins

From the very start I always played the part I was expected to inhabit
I'd take a hit, long as it fit, into the role
Now I don't wanna be defined by what's in the mind of some man behind the curtain
So I'm breaking character and taking total control of body and soul
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