Joe Iconis

"The Return of Roundtree"

Sometimes you find that you're the idol
Of all your peers
Your friends they ain't friends anymore they're
Just souvenirs

And since you're on top of the mountain
They see the money you're countin'
And they try to bring you down
New York's that kind of town

So then you hide in a jungle
For a little while
You run a nasty ass brothel
You're versatile

Sippin' on tequila and lime
Really you're just bidin' your time
And when you're ready then
You try New York again

But sometimes your wife becomes a bounty hunter
And screws up your plan

But since you're worldly-wide
You just improvise
And then you're back on track
And then you're winning man

And you run your motorcycle through the jungle, and the wind is whipping through your magnificent chest hair, and you're screaming from the top of your lungs —

I'm back b*tch, I'm back b*tch, I'm back
Listen to me I'm back b*tch, I'm back b*tch, I'm back
This I decree, I'm old, white, and rich
b*tch, I'm back and I'm ready to play
And I confess I guess I never really ever went away


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