Will Connolly

"Fly By Night"

Long wide stretches of the ordinary
Spinning circles as this life rolls on
From the cradle to the cemetery
Just get through until tomorrow's dawn

Then, a burst!
A soaring peak, a sudden drop
Best, or worst!
Don't let it end, please make it stop

Instants, moments, one flickering flame of light

What is endless, what is momentary?
Grasping memories that refuse to stay
Long wide stretches of the ordinary
Long wide stretches take them day by day

Then, a burst!
The fabric's torn before the eyes
Blessed, or cursed!
The child's born and Mary dies

Instants, moments, a flickering fly by night sight!

Trapping yourself, when you know you should run
Mapping out ways, but not following one
Scrapping a hole, when you've only begun
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