Will Connolly

"Stars I Trust"

Dear tiny dots of twinkling light
It's time for me to say goodnight
There’s so much madness in this world
But I feel safe cause I'm aware
You are up there

I trust stars, high in the skies
I trust stars, ancient and wise
I'm made from your dust!
Stars I trust

Goodnight, you South Dakota stars!
Beyond the Moon, the Earth, and Mars
Look, there’s a lion, and Orion
Snake and Dragon
Could there be stars that make me?

I trust stars, are never gone
I trust stars, always live on
I'm made from your dust!
Stars I trust

And sure, some folks will say
That all of this is hay
It's just a smoky-eyed romantic notion so I'll feel okay

But they cannot deny
No matter how they try
That it's a fact, we're all connected
From the grass up to the sky

I have my memories to do with as I please
I know I always can recall that starry perfect night in Fall
When you stood underneath this tree
And promised you would always be
With me

I trust you're here with me

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