Will Connolly

"I Need More"

There used to be a girl like me
Who lived some time ago
Life was mundane but why complain
If things felt sort of slow?

She had days of sun
Starred in plays for fun
And she always felt cared for
And yet, one day, I heard her say
"I need more!"

There used to be a girl like me
Who dared to chase her dreams
Each day at nine she'd stand in line
Hope bursting at her seams

She'd sing out her song
They would shout: "you're wrong!"
And then show her to the door
But with each defeat she'd still repeat
"I need more!"

And then she met a guy she liked
A man who played guitar
He made her feel a little less alone
And then she got a part in what will hopefully be a hit play

It seemed that everything had gone her way

Of course, you see, that girl is me
What luck? I should be glad
My job's a joy, I've got the boy
So why am I so sad?

And so what if he barely talks to me
And each kiss feels like a chore?
What do you do when dreams come true
But you need more?

I need more!
I need more!

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