Will Connolly

"Me With You"

I don't know if there's luck or fate
I might debate that there could be
A destiny

Who knows if there's a grand design
A cosmic plan or God divine
In what we see?

There's only one thing that I know is true
That's me with you!


Daphne and I are

We should of broken up by now but
She was always at rehearsal and I could
Barely get out of bed and I wanted to find
You but

I was afraid I didn't know
I thought you hated me and so
I let it go

I never hated you

Good cause I never dreamed
That I could feel a great deal better
Than just fine
You were the sign

What woke me up
From all I ever knew was
Me with You!

It's not just
About Daphne psychic said
That I will have a love a fair with
My soul mate and I'm going to
Have a great fall and there's no way
To stop it from happening

Let me get this straight
There's no way to stop the fall?

She said no there's
Not at all

Well OK that means your free

That's not true what I don't see

I mean just do what makes you happy
If you can't control your fate

No you don't get it she said it

I get it I do

No you-

No you should just do
What you wanna do
Hey you wanna grab a bite?

I've got Daphne show tonight

That's tonight but that's not now

This is crazy anyhow

Won't know until you've tried it
So we should decide to hide off into
The sunset or could
If I were you I think that

Forget all fear
Just let yourself agree to be
With me

Have lunch with
Me there's a great Chinese
Food place around the corner

I can't
The signs are adding up
Your clock broke you said it

Forget what I said
Sometimes a
Busted broken clock is
Just a busted broken clock
Come take a walk

I'd love to but-

If fates not written in
The stars that means it's ours to make
Lets walk just down the block
Cause there are other days for dying

How could we go?

And so what if at love were rookies?
It's a lunch time and I'm buying

Oh Harold

Let's leave the fortunes to the cookies

Just one lunch and then we could
Part ways forever that's hardly a love affair
What do you say?

Well, I suppose I have time to
Find somewhere warm for an hour or two

Just me
With You

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