How many questions that they gotta ask
Heart steady stressing in the class
Paranoia when I hit my first pack
Watching weeks pass, can't even fathom where we at
I got a long list of reasons
But you f*ckas coming and going just like the seasons
I don't ask for sh*t, getting nothing from a feeling
Getting nothing from a feeling

Say it with a peace of mind
I don't exist
You don't even read the signs
You hardly live
b*tches wanna get inside
The victim hit
Plenty of em down to ride
It's mortal sin

Can't even catch myself, so how I'm finna catch a b*tch
I want love, but don't get stuck with
The many times of when she hold fits
Watching me go foul on some lazy sh*t
Crazy how you manage in these times
Doesn't matter where you seen me die
As long as a f*cka know what I left behind
Don't call my mama she don't wanna ever hear your side
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