"St. David"

I ain't got too much plans
Speak on yourself in advance
Catch outta state down France
50 rack stack in the pant
b*tch I'm just not into faces
Built off the minimum wages
Heard that you off in the making
Still moving places to places
Piped up, settle down
They wish I stayed in the ground
Checks coming not a sound
Make it when no one around
No word from my town
Finally calm my life down
Still tryna talk like they earthbound
Mans popped down by the first round
She been stuck up like a poster ay
Irrelevant just like I'm supposed to be
When I come buzzing don't look for me
Irrelevant just like I'm supposed to be

Heard you gotta cop new fabric
Put it on lock, b*tch cappin
Heard you need 4 line captions
Ya b*tch might like my like actions
Don't waste my time
I don't like that walk
Keep me and mines
Ain't no need for talk
Don't waste mine
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