"Everybody Hates Reece"

Yeah, 16 : 06 sh*t, make a wish

[Verse 1]
Economically I find it very promotional speaking on n*ggas
What's the point of speaking on him and he ain't with us
Or never been, what do you benefit?
In my opinion that's gossip
You cannot be that emotional handling this business
We can be more specific and take this so-called-rappers for instance
Who find it fitting for a friendship when they need assistance
I have my limits I'm keeping my distance
Not convinced by the southern spirit they keep uplifting
Sometimes I wish I never left my city
Sometimes I wish I knew I was f*cking other n*ggas b*tches
Way before Meanwhile In Honeydew views got to a million
Maybe things would've a little beat different, who know?
Sometimes I wish real life had GTA cheat codes
(You know)

[Verse 2]
Yeah, life of a young Tarantino
I'm death-prove shots ricochet when they shoot
Shots pierce right through the heart when I do
You do exactly what you're told
I'm doing what I gotta to
I got n*ggas waiting on me, then tell them I got you
I'm jump-starting careers
I noticed I'm well aware that I've been doing this for years
You played yourself thinking the game is playing fair
For survival I'm well prepared, in fact over prepared
I'm like one of your biggest fears consider me top 10
I'm fly, you mid air
Top 5, you not there
Mob ties with close friends
This sh*t does not end
16 : 06 sh*t make a wish

[Outro - Interview snippet]
Not to be trusted, they're all, I don't trust none of them, you know. It's like I don't, I'm not, I'm not really... I'm not naive. I'm not out here being like "Yo we're all, it's all", it's not buddy, buddy man. This is war man, you know. Just like anything else, just like sport, just like... whatever it is, if you in accounting, you gotta [?] this is... We're playing for keeps bro

16 : 06 sh*t

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