"In Hi$ Image[EXP 1]"

I wonder what she's saying

[Verse 1]
Inexplicable aura, fire in the water
Anti-sober medicinal herb smoker
Skin well coated in Sauvage Dior Odour
Jotting encrypted messages, every bar is coded
Every bar is quoted, the wave is downloaded
They're copies of what the G.O.A.T is, I call that animal cloning
Remember every encounter in chronological order
These are not the same n*ggas we thought were singing the chorus
f*ck the cover, I judge a book by its author
Read it, disapproved
On the side we don't get that credit
Raw and uncut, no edits
When I speak it isn't hypothetic
Although I make it sound poetic, rare genetics
The chosen one descendant from the heavens
Return of the legend, he could land any second

[Hook: Sample]

[Verse 2]
Remain unshaken, I reject your hand gesture
Every line is clear cut when I apply the pen pressure
Dissect 'em, I make the man hunt a red dragon
Only difference is this isn't a novel by Tom Harris
I call this God's planning, I call this pure passion
I came a long way from famine, skipping school, taking chances
Paint pictures with words, no brush and palette
In Ye's words; I'm coming after whoever who has it
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