"Same Time"

Let's go
I-I-I, I try to tell 'em dawg
He wanna, he wanna f*ck with a [?]
Like thi b*tch just tryna go out [?], like
You gon' get a [?] or sh*t
n*gga crazy
I don't f*ck with that b*tch but that ain't real life
n*gga I'm not gonna take anytime with the same time, you know?

I was riding 'round on Pac
Feelin' like death around the corner (Yeah, yeah)
PO call me sayin' I ain't gotta come in no more, now I'm a stoner (Oh yeah)
(Ayy one of ya'll n*ggas fire me up, n*gga sh*t fire me up)
I'm smokin gas, poppin' pills at the same time (Same time)
Got two b*tches goin' off the same line, same time (Yeah)
You ain't my brother but we the same kind (He ain't my brother but I, same kind, we the same n*gga, I swear to God)
Finally get it, you know it take time (Take time)
The same time

How you gon' pop at me, when we just popped at opps together?
How it always be the closest n*gga to you prayin' to devils
Screamin' rest in peace but really you at peace, playin' wit my shovel
'Cause you can't check a G, the death of me will have you feelin' better
Pay off a n*gga who I thought was my bro but been a hoe you clever
Go get your money back from them pus*y n*ggas, I was tweakin' hoe next level
Playin' wit a half a mil', same time I was tellin' homies, it'll get better
I was on the wanted list, still hitting licks for myself and fam and you never
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