"My Dawg"

[Intro: Trouble]
Dang Cuzzo this beat hard
Everything they say [?] you gon' be [?]
It always be the motherf*ckas you overlook the most

The same game and the lames and the same hoes (Yeah, yeah)
How you gone change on a n*gga, who'd change clothes, with you?

[Chorus: Trouble]
Bussin down P's, goin' at our top together
I used to feel like we would rock forever (My dawg)
Now I just see you and our opps together?
We was just bussin' our Glocks together (My dawg)
She my hoe, she your hoe, she our hoe cool
Took a loss, now you rock with some more dudes
We was just comin' with plots together
I used to feel like we would rock forever (My dawg)

[Verse 1: Trouble]
It hurt when I'm just tryna help you right
Them same hoes, them same bros
They wasn't steppin' right
Them same hoes, them same bros
Just want reppin' rights
Them same bros, same will fold
When it's reppin' time
Like why the f*ck my heart so cold, it ain't even winter time?
Like why the f*ck I give my soul, you ain't feelin' mine?
This b*tch done went got with the foes, now she hittin' lines
This b*tch been down, bad on that dope and lost twenty pounds
b*tch n*gga diss my name to the same hoes, that's tryna f*ck on me
I'll give you this chain, is this the only thing you lust, homie?
Never told it, never folded, never sold my ass for nothin'
Gotta know it, n*ggas know it
Skoob ain't never asked for nothing
Hunnid rounds off in that semi like "Give me that b*tch I got him"
Charges like after charges, I took 'em, n*gga no problem
I'm ride or die, showed you loyalty
I f*ck with you harder than you f*ck with me
And that's a problem
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