UNHhhh Teaser - Trixie Mattel & Katya Zamolodchikova lyrics


Katya Zamolodchikova

Trixie Mattel: Hi I'm Trixie Mattel
Katya Zamolodchikova: And I'm Katya. We met each other on the set of
Both: RuPaul’s Drag Race (laughs)
Katya: Animal Hoarders season 3
Trixie: T- Teen Mom
Katya: All-Stars. Animal Hoarders
Trixie: Animal Hoarders All-Stars, all 3, all tea, all shade untucked. Who did your hair tonight, girl?
Katya: This is- I didn’t glue it
Trixie: Ok yeah yeah yeah, it looks good for coming right out of the vacuum.
Katya: (laughs)
Trixie: Just pulled it right out. Would you wear this look?
Katya: I- I wh- I wh-
Trixie: (laughs)
Katya: I- (unintelligible)
Trixie: (unintelligible)
Katya: You have been clamoring clinging and loudly banging pots and pans on the worldwide web.
Trixie: For us to get together and do a series! Guess what f*cker you f*cking manifested your destiny.


Trixie: We are very different types of people, very different types of drag queens, But I think we should just come together and create content that people feel good about watching.
Katya: Something enriching, something that you feel booied by.
Trixie: Booied
Katya: Booied
Trixie: Boooooooooooooied
Katya: Booied, you know, something that lifts you up and gives you a lightness and helps you float through your day. A spiritual bump it.
Trixie: A spiritual bump it.
Katya: Yeah something that- something that can give your soul and your life a little bit of volume
Trixie: Yeah

Trixie: What do you really want from doing this? Like in your soul?
Katya: Umm, ok well, my goals are to explore issues and topics that help me reassure my faith in contemporary middle hood
Trixie: I’m to make sure that guys don’t recognize me on Grindr.
Katya: (laughs) Fair enough. Only problem is we are not exactly sure what to call it. So I think we should call it, like, Two Girls One Cup Of Noodles.
Trixie: (laughs)
Katya: No, you know what? 2016 is-
Trixie: What about, Gowns & Robes
Katya: Yeah!
Trixie: And that could be our thing we’d wear gowns and robes
Katya: Umm, no, Spiritual Beings Having A Human Experience, or, Sewer Rats Trying To Make The Best Of It. So what else should we call this, umm, more than half the battle is just about showing up.
Trixie: (unintelligible) (laughs) What about, uhh, She Might Have A Gap Tooth But I Still Think She’s Pretty?
Katya: (laughs) (In an old man voice) She’s fat but I’ll f*ck her
Trixie: (laughs) Or what about that tour that we did that was called, Russian Dolls
Katya: Russian Dolls! Because I’m Russian and she’s a doll
Trixie: Because you’re Russian and I’m a doll. What about like, 1-800-We Could Help You But We Won’t
Katya: Hot Sexy
Trixie: UNHhhh
Katya: (laughs)
Trixie: Is that- Does that work? UNHhhh
Katya: Post-verbal! This show is post-verbal!
Trixie: Hi welcome to
Both: UNHhhh
Katya: And don’t forget to subscribe to
Both: WOW Presents!
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