I’ve got to be thankful because
I know someone lost their life today
And so every moment I endeavor
To live life the righteous way
To serve with a sense of purpose
And let love light the way
Even if I died today
That’s just the price I paid
Just know I tried to be kind and
Seek the divine every night and day

Gratitude for the sunrise
Gratitude for the sunshine
Gratitude for the moonlight
Every day feels like a new life
Especially when I meditate
Take a breath, and then I elevate
Everything deserves gratitude
That’s my everyday attitude

Gratitude, that’s my everyday attitude. Gratitude
Gratitude, that’s my everyday attitude. Gratitude

Gratitude is the fruit of life
The nourishment of the soul
When there is no food in sight
When your vibrations are low
And you feel blue inside
Gratitude is the attitude that
Gets you through the night
Never believe in lack or limitations
Anything can be manifested
With a little appreciation
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