David Shawty

"What I Have"

Nitemare, nitemare
Oh, nitemare, f*ck, sheesh (David)

[Verse 1]
[?] what's happened in the house?
If you gon' tell me what it is, just tell me now
The lights keep flickerin' 'round and 'round
I spent too much time lookin' down
Let's do a [?]
She said she heard evil things inside of my house
Fell asleep by the window we can look out
Wake up to the evil sounds of the owls

I know you want more for me
But I can only give you what I have
Have, have, have, have
Have, have, have, have

[Verse 2]
Have, what the f*ck do I have inside my bag?
I got pills and a bottle and a half
You can have one maybe if you ask
Baby, you look so pretty, I wanna ask you
Do you wanna go on a date with me to the bathroom?
We can snort up these lines
We can do anything anytime if you want, I'ma have you
Baby, you look so good, you look like an angel
I'll be your sideman, I can be your devil
Devil on your shoulder, I'ma sing you love letters
We can go to Hell or we can go to Heaven
We can go to Heaven, we can go to Heaven
You look so good make me hungry
I wanna eat you alive with some dumplings
I know you want what I have, you want something
Everything I have, it could be yours
But I can only give you what I have
If you don't want that, there's no more
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