Kenny Allstar

"Voice Of The Streets Freestyle"

[Intro: Afghan Dan]
Yeah, you dun know
Big up Kenny fam
You dun know
Blackpool, all my lot
Forget the shoutouts
One whip, five man, that's bangers
Ayy, sausage and mash
Three phones, one graft, that’s bangers
Ayy, sausage and mash
Hashtag money on the 'gram, that's, that’s
Ayy, yo

[Verse 1: Afghan Dan]
O.T. in a crack gaff, not a bando
[?] Square and Central Drive
Picking up food where egg fried rice
True say, I never did Bengal Spice
With a black graft phone and a black manbag
Serving customers, not cats
Get tasered if you're talking straps
No gang-gang 'cause a man's not - what?
What's with all that bragging?
All that sh-sh sounds like grassing
No wonder it's H.M. them man are sat in
Free up the mandems
Oi fella, what you snitching for?
Arsehole twitching, Snapchat pictures for?
Big man, are you listening?
'010 I was in the kitchen bagging up whisky
Next - are you listening?
No image I'm risking, cut from a different
Still can’t believe what I saw
Still can’t believe what I saw
Yeah, touchy subject
Just as long as you know Afghan's not a daft yute
And I’ve got friends that trap 'cause they have to
Not 'cause they want to
And they don't brag too
You know the drill
Man like me do this for the thrill
The BBC rang me, not you
’Cause they know Danny Martin keeps it real
But too many man these days want to brag
Especially 'bout things that they don't have
And it's mad, yeah it beats me
Wanna go but I'm still - listening? Ayy
Central Drive, Bengal Spice, grafting
Bagging up Bs in the gaff
Ring, ring, serving those
Late night business, trying to get, get
Everybody knows Afghan's done road
But you didn't know that I'd been to the trap
Said everybody knows Afghan's done road
But you didn't know that I'd been to the trap
Nought point two in a bag times fifteen, that's a hundred and fifty in
If a man says Blackpool's full of nitties then I say 'dun know, the food goes fast'
If a man comes to my town with the word, starts shouting, then you're gonna get, get
If a man comes to my town with the word, starts shouting, then you're gonna get, get
Put a man down
Punch man up if he's trying to get loud
Tackling lines round here, that's a foul
We get the free kick and you're getting run out
Skkrt, run out
Caught offside
Robbed for your mobile phone and your Nikes
Don't do straps but you'll still get striped
Man said he's a bad man down there but he's not from here so we know that's lies
di*khead, you ain't about that life
You could spit a million bars on a tune my bro, but you still couldn't handle the strife
Yo, you dun know, Jesus

[Verse 2: Afghan Dan]
Talk about struggle mate
I ain't trying to be rude, but most of the boys graft so
Most of the boys see food
When I say they see food, I ain't talking seafood
No fish, chips, mushy peas when the P due
Slip and you can get battered
Big or little fish
Know a couple sick guys
Sound like a pack of crisps
If man's chatting sh*t
Bag it like he's got things
Man will come and take it all away like a bag of chips
This one's a wavy one
Something like the sea shore
Cold like the seafront
Got to love the seaside
St. Anne's to Cleveleys
Nearside to Grange Park
See me round, keep it moving like my name is Neymar
Work hard, play hard
Peng girls on my radar
Wanted me to stay her
I ain't trying to break a heart
Bang like bumper cars
Rough like the waltzers
Catch me up in Mingo's pulling fanny in the smoker's
Ex fella was a bad guy
Now she wants a mad man
Fifty shades of Afghan
Send her home gassed, fam
Light up a hazy one
Skip the wake-and-bakey one
Puts me on a lazy one
f*ck it all, I'll make some mon'
Now I'm trying to get this paper, don
Got me moving selfish
End up making - sell chips
Up and down the country, shipped out for banging [?], look
Young kid I was always moving different
Family trying to preach to me but I could never listen
In and out of prison, got me trapped up in that system
Left my son wondering 'Daddy, where is him'
Clock ticking, yeah and that's not controversial
Had the black Berghaus when I used to burgle
First track, vicious circle
Used to flex North Face, all black ting
Hood down, with the strings pulled tight, moving more bait
Opps trying to beg it, tell them leg it
They're the reason why I kept a [?] in case I caught a court case
Done with all the b*tching
Snakes-dem are snitching
I ain't trying to see any more sweat [?] shipping out, I'm turning a new leaf
I ain't even think about women, only 'skrrt' I'm trying to pull has got the two seats
Swede on the inside, got to be a German
Get the G class so I can
See, trying to live my life right by that seaside
Weren't no pretty shells by that sea shore
Prepared for that prison pad from that park swing
Because my life was always up and down like that seasaw
With some sea views
Out of all these millions, I only see views
Trust me, I have to see more
Waiting for this officer to open up the door, ah
Left hand licking shots, I've been writing pure
Yeah, you dun know
Afford it, I'm a quickly keep wishing
Had me on the landing, rods out, fishing
Trying to get them sheets in
All the guys are eating
Hit the back door when it's a beefing

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