Billy Bubbles And Shenseea lyrics



Any man mi give mi pus*y haffi claim me
Me's a gyal, nuh chase man, dem haffi chase me
And mi never born rich, but mi born fi change it
Used to walk miles, now mi Lambo' a race it
Upgrade to diamonds, graduate from stainless
Comin' up from the islands, struggles mek mi fearless
Mi a go, di woman allow, mi nuh follow in a body shadow
'Cause mi real to di bone, straight to di marrow
Man cyaan push mi 'round, I am not a clown
Straight to di point, mi nuh do merry-go-round
Mi nuh chatty, bad gyal, mi nuh fear nobody
If mi dweet, mi nah go seh it wasn't me like mi a Shaggy
Mi nah go back, mi nah go run, I'm gonna take di minimum
Do it for pleasure, mi do it for fun, diss me, nowhere to run
Hard fi hold my tongue, sorry, I'm just a mom
Tell di baby mother mi will go ah jail fi mi son
Copy, di rats weh mi bring, red light cyaan stop it
If mi n'ave a gun, best believe mi have a ratchet
Brown skin gyal don't fear black 'matic
Jamaica mi from, mi will knock it inna traffic
Locked up, dem a try fi get mi locked up
But mi pray and only pree fi get mi racks up
Mi nah forgot mi bag just fi get nuh props up
Mi dig this out di mud from underground up
Locked up, dem a try fi get mi locked up, uh
But mi used to opps because the ghetto life rough
Hard fi get mi out becah mi nuh gi one f*ck, ayy, chyeah
Yo, Shenyeng don't apologize to nobody eye
Never di one fi start it, but mi quick fi reply
Inna person, to yuh face, eye to eye
I'm the type, if mi cyaan catch up fi fight, mi will cry
So mi nuh into it if you cyaan get into me
So you will never send mi back an' forth over di Internet
'Cause mi know mi bad, mi nuh haffi talk sh*t
'Cause when it come to action, mi will prove it, yo
Can't chat 'bout mi talent wid yuh likkle loose lip, ayy
Mi born wid it, mi haffi dead fi lose it, ayy
Big up di haters who nuh like mi music
Mi a go sink it 'na dem eardrum like a Q-tip
They said I wouldn't get bigger and now I'm doing Coachella
Gotta be one of the greatest ever, nah get locked up in no cellar
Said I would not get bigger, now mi a do Coachella
A go be di greatest ever, nah get locked up in no cellar, b*tch
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