Sophisticated lyrics


Eva Noblezada

NICK: (spoken)
There’s the lady of the hour!

DAISY: (spoken)
Nick! Oh Nick
I’m paralyzed with happiness!

Darling stop for a moment-
Don’t move from that pose
Oh, you remind me
Of an absolute rose!

Can it be true
My bookworm of a cousin
Has all of Manhattan a-buzzin’?
I’m positively devastated
You’re so, so, so sophisticated

NICK: (spoken)
Ah! It is good to see you, too, Daisy!
Gosh, the war hasn’t changed you a stitch!

DAISY: (spoken)
Oh, the war changed everyone, darling
The horrible flu… four years might
As well’ve been four decades
Nick, can you believe
That we now havе a child?

NICK: (spoken)
My mother can’t stop talking about it

She еats and sleeps
And is utterly wild!

JORDAN: (spoken)
Oh- a regular human being

We had to give up all
The parties and drinking

Still wondering what we were thinking

Help me, Nick-
I’ve been domesticated
God, I’m so sophisticated!
Can we stop for a moment
And take in the view?
Oh- no, darling Nick
I’m looking at you
You need a wife to improve your position
Not to worry
I’ll make it my mission
I’ll find someone rich and celebrated
And so, so, so sophisticated

NICK: (spoken)
I- I couldn’t possibly
Be a suitable match for anyone…!

DAISY: (spoken)

Have you mentioned your golfing obsession?
And how you turned it into a profession?
Trophies and plaques hang from her walls

I’ve always liked swinging
And little white balls
I think your two are birds of a feather
I must find ways to fling you together
Lock you both up in a closet for tea
Charter a boat, push you right out to sea

SERVANT: (spoken)
Mr. Buchanan?

DAISY: (spoken)
To marriage!

Marriage is more than vows and devotion
It is a ferris wheel of emotion
Lifting you up, right after you fall
Marriage is not what you picture at all

And something happens there at the altar
A man becomes your rock of Gibraltar
Holding you tight
While breaking new ground
Can we stop for a moment
And just look around?
Look at us all and joy we have found

Oh, this is the hour, this is the day
This is the place where it began
Before it was you standing just so
Or do you not know you are part of a plan
That I politely orchestrated?

Someday soon
I’ll have us all related
And so, so, so sophisticated
La la-la la-la

So sophisticated!
La la-la la-la

We so-and-so’s

Are so sophisticated!
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