A Rose lyrics


Eva Noblezada

You remind me of a rose
Oh, an absolute rose
Or better yet
A bud preparing to bloom
This summer you will soak up the city
The sunlight the sea
Who knows what this new adventure will be
When you open open
Open up the [?]
You'll be an absolute rose
Once I cultivate you

You know what's grand about a rose
Is sometimes they look best when they are arranged
You should see the trophies that hang on her wall

So you know I always had a thing
For swinging at little white balls

I should [?] you togеther
Find a boat push you right out to see
Or maybe lock you in a room and see what happens to you
If but a rosе
I'm a rose on the glass
And it's pinnacle
Or more cynical by the day
I've been everywhere
Seen everything
Done everything
God I've made it
I'm so sophisticated
But look at you
You are back from the war
Brave and victorious
Glorious days ahead

You're selling books
Oh you're selling bonds
No you [?]
I swear it's always [?]

When you open
Open up and see
You remind me of a rose
Like I use to be
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