Alexander McQueen lyrics



Chorus : Fresco

I told my b*tch that we gone be ok
This one for the win
Now we make so much that we can’t even spend
These Alexander mcqueens expensive
I ain’t got no time for vacation
Zone 11 at the trap trap trap trap
Blowin up my phone
What’s your name what’s cashapp
Can’t tell what this b*tch on
I pulled her hair she threw that ass back now we on the floor
Two affairs got bread in the safe b*tch we runnin it up

Verse one : 2fresh

We at trap trap
Movin packs packs
100 stack racks
In a Gucci back pack
Moving bricks by the crates
Can you grab that ?
Yo baby momma keep on looking
Can I tagged dat ?
Trapflinstone come to perky Ville
Plotting on bill when Dan touch a mill
When she finish eatn kids
Then the rubber peal
I didn’t hit
Now she mad like the lick went bad
Blowin up my trap
When I f*cked her
I pulled out her tracks
Position in da back
She arched up
Then her ass cheeks clap
Can't fall in love
I love my b*tch
So b*tch do the math
21? Questions oh sh*t here we go again
Where were you ? Do you love me ? Can we f*ck again ?
Hell naw !!!
Do you got some cheese 🧀 ?
These Alexanders expensive can you cop em please
She loves me or she loves me not
Imma still get em G

Verse 2 : 2fresh

Run it up f*ck it stack and build
Run it up f*ck it up stack Amil
Run it up f*ck it up
Brains 🧠 and patience
Get yo paper f*ck da pus*y
Thank me later
You chasing hoes
Hoes chase n*gga with the paper
I’m in my zone Prezi blessed me with a nukie tapper
Told my b*tch we gone be Okkayy
I love you more and I’ll see you later
11 grand in 11 mins
I’m a real trapper
20 bands in 20 mins
I’m acttic now
Feining for the cheese
But nothing like a rat
32 for a pack
O.Smith run it back
Yeah this some real dope
n*gga you had to ask ?
Man this n*gga crazy
He didn’t check the stats ?
Men lie women lie
But numbers don’t
She do anything I tell her
Baby what you want ?

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