Shiloh Dynasty

"I killed my angel"

[Intro: K!NG SLVM & Shiloh Dynasty]
Father forgive me, for you know that I've been sinning
I've killed my angel, broke her wings
Now she will never fly again
Excuse my mind I'm outta time
I don't really know what I'm feeling
Maybe its guilt but it could be the liquor that's in my system
I said

I guess its evident you took my love for negligence
Maybe it was my fault trynna be so f*cking relevant
Maybe if I tried hard I could be inside your bed again
But nah, these evil f*ckers wanna laugh inside my head again
Never in my life would I think we would be this separate
Thinking back its like we only fought just for the hell of it
You were getting tired and I couldn't f*cking handle it
But I'm the one who loved you
Don't you go and try to forget of it

[Outro: Shiloh Dynasty]
So in love with someone, ohh ohh yea
So in love with someone, ohh ohh, yea
So in love with someone, ohh ohh, yea
I said I'm so in love with someone, ohh ohh, yea yea

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