Shiloh Dynasty

"Tell me why i’ m waiting"

Tell me why I'm waiting for someone that doesn't give a f*ck about me
I'm lost and I know when it keeps on showing
But why do I feel like I lost my point
Like philosophies and past relationships
She brought me peace and didn't know what to make of it
I used it to lift my soul with
Fill the holes of aggress that I've made
Years ago
It still feels like a miracle
I would never know
All it took was a kiss to get me here
Revise clips and I just drift
You got kissed and I got fixed
You were missed off all my fist
I thought I was winning my mind was spinning
Out of control
Don't know whether to hold or let it go
I feel like a ghost with all my woes
I pour my heart into empty vases
My heart's broken I need to replace it
I'm mistaken I must have misplaced it
Then gave it to you it wasn't acknowledged
I was holding me hostage
I kiss to replace it
I can never just stop it and drop it
That's one of my problems
I always keep thinking and drinking
Then rather my demons
I think that I'm dreaming
I have to get blinking
Straight back to reality
I'm done with the gravity
Keeps on grabbing it
Keeps on stabbing it
But it's what I had to do
So why am I mad at you and you're not mad at me?
I'm looking after you
But you were looking for what's after me
And it f*cks with my mentality
Tell me why I'm waiting for someone that doesn't give a f*ck about me
It's never fair
I don't f*cking care
Open my eyes you're never there
But when you are I have to stare
Because I have to dare
When you disappear
Count my blessings
Count my tears
Two minute shots and two minute beers
I feel like the end is already here
And just to be clear
I've met with the guys that you've never met
f*ck them and what they have to say
I'm someone that you'll never forget
And someone that they wish they met
I tell the truth and I'll confess
If you need the proof just hear the rest
If not then I wish you the best
‘Cause f*ck the stress
f*ck the stress I never need it
f*ck this sex my ex is steed
f*ck the best I left this species
My heart's broken it still keeps beating
I'm never defeated or feeling conceited
And if you didn't't get the message
Then you kinda have to read it
Tell me why I'm waiting for someone that doesn't give a f*ck about me
(Tell me why I'm waiting for someone)

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